SAP ECC Logistics

Want to maximize your ECC Logistics Execution investment?

Not ready to move to the S/4 HANA environment? Let DFW WMS Solutions advise you on how to maximize your current ECC Logistics Executions investment. With a short assessment, we can provide you details on what functionalities are not being used, that can be triggered to help you continue to run your warehousing and transportation needs; while still preparing for the migration to S/4 HANA in the future.

LE-Warehouse Management

Let us help you maximize the warehouse management module by introducing additional functionalities such as Yard Management, Value Added Services, Cross Docking and Task & Resource Management.


By introducing the functionality of the Shipment document, you can add value to your business with these functionalities that can influence your inbound and outbound freight management. Additional logistics reporting options provide better visibility for your transportation needs.

PP-WM Integration

Your LE-WM module provides the functionalities to integrate with your production needs and environment. We can provide the understandings of the Production Supply Areas, Control Cycle Records and how these objects provide additional value with your production operations.

LE – Mobile Data Entry

Looking to enhance your warehouse operations with Barcoding / RF functionalities? We will show you how Mobile Data Entry provides those baseline process that enables barcode scanning for inbound, outbound and internal operations.